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What!?!  A new course?  After twenty-seven years at Ski Beach, the Mission Bay Triathlon is moving west across the bay to Bonita Cove.  “Why?” you ask.  Unfortunately, the new ownership of Sea World has not been accommodating towards the Spring Sprint Triathlon, the Esprit de She Triathlon and the Mission Bay Triathlon. 

In the past, under the original ownership, Sea World would allow events to use their parking lot prior to the opening of the main parking lot to their patrons.  However, in 2013, they decided not to be in the “parking lot” business.  They denied our request to use the east end of the Sea World parking lot for parking our athletes at the 2013 Esprit de She Triathlon and the 2014 Spring Sprint Triathlon.  Last year, we had to pay $2,500 to use Perez Cove Way for the bike portion of the Mission Bay Triathlon as an accommodation since we couldn’t use the main parking lot.  So, Sea World not only has Blackfish, but also “black parking lot” as negative PR.

Anyway, we move on, and we will continue the history of the Mission Bay Triathlon.

NEW, this year is the addition of a Duathlon to the event.  It will be a 1,500 meter run – 15K bike – 5K run.

Keep posted to our website and/or our facebook page for new developments on the Mission Bay Triathlon.  

The ACTIVEx Solana Beach Triathlon Results will be posted here after the race:

Solana Beach Results

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