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In Memory of:


“Old Tri-Guys Rule”

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing the passing of a very dear friend and long time triathlete, John Stawicki.  It was in the very early hours of the recent 4th of July that this Navy veteran finished his earthly triathlon: living, learning and loving. 

John had been a staple at the San Diego Triathlon Series for more than a decade.  We would arrive early to the race sites.  He needed time to take his constant companion, Maggie, out for her morning walk before be began his race.  No sooner than he was done, she was there for the awards ceremony.  

On a lighter note, at a race many, many years ago, he came to me and mentioned that I needed to add an older category.  At that time, the oldest age group was 60+.  John was 65.  He said that it wasn’t fair to have to compete against those younger guys.  You know, the 60 and 61 year olds.  I told him that as long as he raced, I would add a 5-year increment each time he aged up.  Well, we now have an 80 to 85 age bracket because of John.

We invite you to celebrate his love of triathlon by participating in the upcoming ActiveX Solana Beach Triathlon on Sunday, July 27th.  Last year, he ran the race.  It was the last race he entered because he was suffering from mesothelioma.

In his honor, everyone who registers between Friday, July 11th to Sunday, July 13th with this code: JOHNSB12, $12 will be donated to John's charity of choice, Operation Greyhound.  In addition, you will also receive $5 off your registration fee.  

We hope to see you there.  John would.

The ACTIVEx Solana Beach Triathlon is approaching quickly! 

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